Welcome to Verona Hometown Days 2015!

The Hometown Days Medallion Hunt Clues!

The Festival Medallion Quest
Last year proved to be a success
So here’s your first clue
In quest number two
To find where the medallion rests

Clue 1:

To solve the medallion mystery
You’ll need to know Verona history
Consider this rhyme
A second time
And ponder on how things used to be.

Clue 2:

Search in both city and town
Look sideways, look up and look down
Take a second or two
Find a theme in the clues
Then look a few feet off the ground.

Clue 3:

At first you might succeed
Then find you have a greater need
And a healthier smile
Was controversial for a while
And a local doctor agreed!

Clue 4:

If you stood at the spot and looked west,
You would see where eagles nest,
Not the first or the third
But the second old bird
Can you pass this history test?

Clue 5:

Mix it with salt you have brine
Mix it with grapes to make wine
The second quenches thirsts
From the same spot as the first
The medallion mixes better with pine.

Congratulations to Sara, Nolan and Miles McNallie for being the first to find the location of the Hometown Days Medallion!

5/15 - The Verona Police Department and The Dane County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and First Student Inc., is offering a "Safe Ride Home" to attendants at the Beer Tent Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6 from 9pm - 1pm within a five mile radius of the event.

5/14 - Introducing COMMUNITY NIGHT! Thursday, June 4th we will be introducing a fun, new event for the attendants to our first night of Hometown Days! Everyone who shows up to the beer tent will recieve a raffle ticket upon entry. Throughout the evening, we will be pulling winners for GREAT prizes, some prizes at a $250 value! Must be present to attend.

5/4 - The VACT is offering a "Parents Night Out", held Friday, June 5th and Saturday, June 6th from 6-11pm both nights at the VACT Building for ages 5-14. People who register their children in advance will pay less than parents who register their children the day of. Click Here for Registration Form.

The cost to attend one night is $20 for the first child, $15 for the second child, and $10 for any additional children.

If you would like to advance register for both nights it is $35 for the first child, $25 for the second, and $15 for any additional children.

Walk-in registration is $25 per kid.

Cash or check accepted. Checks must be made out to VACT.

Please email Alyssa Dvorak at with any questions/comments/concerns!

4/27 - Wenzel ride tickets are now available at the Verona Chamber of Commerce office at 120 W. Verona Ave by the Walgreens. They are $10 dollars for one sheet of tickets (14 tickets included). We accept cash or check payments only.

3/17 - Big news! The Hometown Days Pancake Breakfast is back! The Verona Area Community Theater is hosting a Pancake Breakfast from 7:30am - Noon at Park Bank, June 7th.

We're busy gearing up for this year's Hometown Days 2015! We're excited to introduce some ways we're making this year special. Please note that the event has moved to the FIRST weekend of June.

The Epic Fireworks will be on Friday night, June 5 at 9:30pm to kick off the weekend with a bang. Charm School Rejects will keep the party going from 8pm to 12am in the beer tent.

Saturday, June 6 is Business as usual with lots of fun and games for the kiddos during the day and Cherry Pie closing out the day from 8:30pm to 12:30am in the Beer Tent.

Sunday, June 7, Don't miss the Verona Hometown Days Parade at noon!

We will also be bringing back the Hometown Days Medallion Hunt the week before Hometown Days, so keep an eye out for more news on that in the future! We hope everyone has a great time this year and we'll be updating this website with more news and events as they come up!


The Verona Area Chamber of Commerce Staff


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